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Finding a Better Way

Anyone can have a bad day.  But when those bad days start adding up and people are complaining, talking about it to co-workers, affecting morale and productivity, something needs to be done.  Bridge Management Consulting (BMC) knows how to work thru those difficult situations, getting groups to re-focus on the situation and go from "bitter" to "better".

Stress robs people of their energy and enthusiasm and focus, traits that are key to getting ahead in today's business world.  Find out how you can get your group back on track. 


Half Day Interactive Workshop

Stress is the body's reaction to a trigger event. Bridge Management Consulting's interactive workshops teach people how to handle workplace stress so they can approach situations and avoid the body's negative physical and mental reactions and avoid stress. 

Topics Addressed:

Calming down a stressed co-worker using the EASE approach:

E – Empathetic to Situation

A – Appreciation for his/her expertise,

       commitment and efforts

S – Speculate about reasons why

E – Explore next steps

Learn how to stop the Stress Response from starting using the Stoplight approach:

Red:       Stop & Detach from the 


Yellow:  Slow down by introducing new


Green:    Return to rationale thought 

               and next steps 

Personal Stress Reduction Plan:

                Each attendee develops their                 own individual plan and leaves 

               the  workshop with a “moving                 forward” strategy.

productive workplace

Benefits of a Stress Reduced Environment

  • Increased productivity
  • Team bonding and working together to solve problems.
  • Increased employee retention rates

Workshop Objectives


Learn how to focus to re-gain control in stressful situations

Reduce the effects of negative emotions on decision making

Develop a personal stress reduction plan to reduce baseline stress levels

Break out groups to role play how to deal with difficult situations impersonally