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Manage yourself: Ways to reduce incivility, which leads to stress

 Examine your own behavior to see if you are contributing to civility or incivility 

  • Don’t listen to or tolerate gossip or rumors
  • Encourage others not to jump to conclusions
  • Go out of your way to say thank-you
  • Encourage acts of kindness 

Manage your work environment

  •  No multi-tasking: For important efforts, devote time solely to that effort and have no distractions. No e-mail or texts, no web surfing. Try music, especially classical, if it works for you.
  • Schedule quiet time: Human brains get tired with constant effort and fatigued brains do not learn as well as rested brains that have had a chance to decompress and be quiet.  Quiet time allows the brain to re-set. As little as 5 minutes can help you recharge. Schedule 5 minutes in the am and pm to re-set.

Re-connect with Nature

  •  Do whatever you normally do inside – outside. Dine on the patio, pay bills on the porch, have meetings outside, go for a walk with a colleague outside. Stimulates the brain and decreases stress. 
  •  Look out a window and take a few deep breaths. 

Build Strong, Positive Relationships

 Negative interactions cause immediate changes in stress sensitive hormones. If you won’t care about this moment in 5 years, don’t get negative about it now.