Half-Day Workshops

Stress is the body's reaction to a trigger event. Bridge Management Consulting offers interactive workshops teach people how to deal with perceived stressful situations with a different approach so they can avoid the body's negative physical and mental reactions and avoid stress. 

Approximately 3 hours.  On-site or off site.

Topics Addressed:
Calming down a stressed co-worker using the EASE approach.
Learn how to stop the Stress Response from starting using the Stoplight approach.
Personal Stress Reduction Plan - Each attendee develops their own individual plan and leaves the workshop with a "moving forward" strategy.

coaching blocks

Have a consultant available for one-on-one discussions with someone with who is trained in handling these discussions in a productive and confidential manner. Services can be delivered on a flexible schedule, such as one day a week on a weekly or every other week basis, based on the need. It’s a tangible way to display your organizations’ corporate commitment to proving on-going stress management help. It offers people a confidential way to access care and discuss their issues in a low key, “not a big deal” environment. Coaching is available on-site, teleconferences and phone conferences.

Individual one on one training is also an option.  For increased flexibility, coaching is available via Skype, Zoom and phone calls.


An interactive and lively multi-media discussion of what stress is its effect on the body and mind, provide examples of how to avoid the stress response in potential stressful situations. Learn how to regulate the body’s response to stressful events and return to a non-stressed state. Polling, Q&A, role play.  An hour and a half.